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About us

We are a Torah focused ministry that believes the whole bible still applies to our lives today and wants to see people equipped to have a heart after God. Our goal is to give people the tools they need to come to know the one and true living God and discover the truth in Scripture. "Go into all the world and make disciples" is the great commission and we are doing our part to see that happen

Daniel and Abbie Bullard

Daniel and Abbie Bullard are high school sweethearts. They are the parents of 5 wonderful children and enjoy all things scripture related. They love to entertain in their home and began meeting with one other family to study the Scriptures. This lead into Yahweh drawing them into starting a ministry centered around walking the narrow road. Yah told Moses not to stray to the left or to the right and that is their hearts desire; to lead people down the narrow road and bring them into a better knowledge of who their God is and what He has in store for them.

Daniel's passion for teaching and Abbies love of research has made them a power couple that is always ready to show someone the truth in scripture. They welcome you to join them along this journey of rediscovering the truth and navigating the narrow road

Daniel and Abbie Bullard

Foundational Principles

  • We believe the Bible is the infallible Word of Yahweh - Isaiah 40:8 Psalms 119:89

  • We believe Yahweh does not change - Malachi 3:6 Heb 13:8 James 1:17 Num 23:19

  • We believe that Yahweh does nothing without first revealing it to His prophets - Amos 3:7

  • We believe that All Scripture is breathed out by God - 2 Timothy 3:16-17

  • We have decided to walk the Narrow Road - Matthew 7:13 Dueteronomy 5:32

  • We believe the whole bible still applies to a believers life today - Matthew 5:17-19

  • We believe that Yeshua was born of a virgin, died and was resurrected and has given us       the gift of Salvation to all who believe - Matthew 1 Ephesians 2:8-9

  • We believe obedience is the fruit of our salvation - John 14:15

  • We believe obedience is not an attempt to earn our Salvation but rather a means to show Yahweh our love for Him because of our salvation 1 John 5:3

  • We believe the Holy Spirit is the breathe of Yahweh and helps guide us in walking out the Torah Ezekiel 36:27

  • We believe sin is defined as breaking Yahweh's laws - 1John 3:4

  • We believe Yeshua was the word made flesh and fully preached and followed the Torah (Yahweh's instructions)

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