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The Convenience of Oppression

As I was studying out this weeks Torah portion Yah began to take me on a journey of understanding how the Israelites could be free from the oppression they were under in Egypt and yet still claim it would have been better if they were still in Egypt. To our rational mind that makes no sense. How could a freed slave long to return to bondage? How could a freed people long for the oppression that they had been crying out to Yah for deliverance from?

We see this in our modern society in domestic violence cases; victims returning to their abusers and never really being free from abuse while at the same time longing for the abuse to stop. We sit back and wonder why they would continue subjecting themselves to this pain. Why do they keep returning?

In this teaching we examine some of the psychological reasons for this and compare our modern dilemma to that of ancient Egypt. The characteristics of oppression and freedom will open your eyes to the complaints of the Israelites as well as teach us how we can overcome this detrimental flaw in our own life.

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